FAQ about MCP-polymers

How does Lucidant qualify its products?

Each product is qualified according to the specifications developed for each product. Lucidant’s equipment is calibrated using NIST-traceable standards. When applicable, proprietary functional testing is used alongside analytical methods like HPLC, NMR, and FTIR to qualify products.

Is the Certificates of Analysis available for Lucidant products?

CoA are available here

What is Lucidant’s commitment to Quality?

Lucidant Polymers operates under ISO9001:2015 standards and has been continuously registered to ISO9001 since 2012. You can find our current certificate here (embed link). Our team is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes. By monitoring monthly Quality Objectives, and conducting Quality audits throughout the year, Lucidant team-members track our progress across departments including Production, Shipping, and QA.

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