Spotting Solution

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Used when applying most Lucidant copolymers, Spotting Solution offers controlled pH, and a nontoxic surfactant, to achieve ideal spotting conditions. Lucidant products perform best in this validated environment, which is why Spotting Solution is included with the purchase of an MCP kit.


Kit Accessory Solutions
Functional Group Advantages:
Even spotting under nontoxic conditions
General Application:
Application of Lucidant copolymers
Additional Info:
This material is shipped at room temperature and nontoxic. Once received, and especially once opened, store SPT1 at 4C to prolong its shelf life. We recommend discarding open containers of SPT1 after 6 months. SPT1 is available for purchase on its own; for bulk orders of polymer, Spotting Solution may be packaged in smaller aliquots to prolong shelf life. Requests or inquiries can be made by sending an email to

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